Here you will find the weekly worksheets for CH302. I recommend that you at least try to work the problems on your own before seeking help. If you are looking for help working the problems I would highly reccommend you go to one of the Academic Communities. There should be a TA from either our course of Dr. Laude's nearly every night of the week. Dr. Laude's class and ours will be trying to keep the same pace so the TAs from that section will be most able to help out. In general the problems found on these worksheets are consistent with material taught in the two or three most recent lectures and with the quiz or exam that will be administered in the upcoming week. It is recommended that you find an academic community or office hour to attend each week to complete and ask questions about these worksheets.

Work Sheet 1. Thermo Review
Work Sheet 2. Physical Equilibria
Work Sheet 3. Chemical Equilibria
Work Sheet 4. Practice Exam with Acid/Base Problems
Work Sheet 5. Working Acid/Base Problems
Work Sheet 5+. Identifying Acids and Bases (no key)
Work Sheet 6. Buffers, neutralization, ksp
Work Sheet 6+. more Buffers, neutralization, ksp
Work Sheet 7. Polyprotic Acids
Work Sheet 8. Complex Equilibria
Work Sheet 8+. More Solubility problems
Work Sheet 9. Balancing Redox Equations
Work Sheet 9+. More redox balancing (no key)
Work Sheet 10. Electrochemistry
Work Sheet 10+. More advanced echem
Work Sheet 12. Real Kinetics Data
Work Sheet 13. Kinetics Questions
Work Sheet 14. Main Group Chemistry
Work Sheet 15. Organic

Key to Work Sheet 1
Key to Work Sheet 2
Key to Work Sheet 3
Key to Work Sheet 4
Key to Work Sheet 5
Key to Work Sheet 6
Key to Work Sheet 6+
Key to Work Sheet 7
Key to Work Sheet 8
Key to Work Sheet 8+
Key to Work Sheet 9
Key to Work Sheet 10
Key to Work Sheet 10+
Key to Work Sheet 12
Key to Work Sheet 13
Key to Work Sheet 14
Key to Work Sheet 15

Old Exams
Key to Quiz 1 Spring 2007
Key to Quiz 2 Spring 2007
Key to Quiz 3 Spring 2007
Key to Exam 1 Spring 2007
Key to Exam 2 Spring 2007
Key to Exam 3 Spring 2007

Practice Exam 3

Practic Exam 3

Special for QUIZ 5

Kinetics Review Sheet

Exam 3 stuff

Below are notes from Dr. Laude's class that you may find helpful along with an old exam from last spring.
Exam 3 Spring 2007Note: has some echem that is not on our exam
Notes on Inorganic
Notes on Organic
Notes on Biopolymers

Stuff for EXAM2

Note I printed up a version of the Exam from Spring 2007 without the answers. It is the same problems, but it may not be identical because I couldn't make the same version number.
Exam 2 Spring 2007Note this is missing one question that is on the key
Key to Exam 2 Spring 2007
Practice Exam 2
Key to Practice Exam 2

Other Stuff
Indentifying Acids and Bases
Acid Base tips
So you want to solve and acid/base problem