Vanden Bout

Dr. Vanden Bout will have office hours on MW afternoons from 4:30-6:00.
His office is WEL 3.151

He will also schedule a regular room to move to in case of larger numbers.

The best way to contact Dr. Vanden Bout is by email

TA Office Hours

Teaching Assistant Office Hours Where? Email
Kalyan Vasudevan Thurs 3-4
Tues 8:00-9:30
Cubicle B
Nathalie Guimard Wed 11-noon
Mon 6-7
Cubicle B
Cubicle B
Vera Stoynova Thurs 4-5
Thurs 5-6
Cubicle A
Cubicle B

Academic Communities

You should definitely take advantage of the Academic Communities. They meet in either Kinsolving or Jester most nights of the week. The nights noted above are when "our" TA's will be there. On other nights there should be another CH302 TA. Dr. Laude's TAs are in Jester on Sunday and Wednesday nights and Kinsovling on Monday and Tuesday nights. They are following the same material as us.