Dropped Question from Quizs

Quiz 1
I'm killing the "tiny bubbles" question. I thought we had specifically discussed this in class, but from the stats that was clearly not the case.

Quiz 2
The PCl3 PCl5 question was dropped due to confusion in reading the question.

Quiz 3
The titration curve problem was killed as it was difficult to read the numbers off the plot accurately enough to answer. Quiz 4
Dropping the systematic treatment of equilibria as everyone forgot to include HF with F-. Really there is nothing wrong with this problem, but as nearly everyone missed it I'm sure you'll know it for the final. Quiz 5
I'm dropping the integrated rate law problem as many of you tried to estimate the answer using the half-life and the formula that I gave for a half-life omitted the "small a" that accounts for the stoichiometry. So you ended up off by a factor of two. Quiz 6
I only put 6 question on this by accident. So we'll "drop" the two I forgot to put on.

Dropped Questions from Exam2 and Makeup2

Frankly I would not have dropped any from the questions from these exams except the ones that were pointed out on the formula sheets. However, I have had many comments about either topics that we did not cover in class before the exam. Or claims that I said something in a review session that led you down the wrong path.

Exam 2

The question on the HPO4- concentration that we dropped before we started.

The question about the Cd(OH)2 because "technically" it is about a battery which I claimed would not be on the exam. Remove the word batter from the problem and everyone should have gotten it correct.

Last but not least the sulfuric acid problem. I'm not sure how nearly everyone got this one wrong, but apparently I did a similar example and merely approximated rather than solving the quadratic. Given less than 30% of you got this one correct, we'll assumed I did something hand wavvy in class and you all followed my lead. We'll ditch it. Everyone should know how to solve such a problem in the future. Even without the hint "use the quadratic".

Makeup 2

The question on H3PO4 question that we said would be dropped.

The question looking for the pH at the endpoint of an acetic acid titration. This problem did not provide you with a hint "remember dilution". I will provide you will a hint that you will now remember for all time "When titrating, you are diluting the solutions. Therefore when working a titration problem, remember the dilution factor"

The "how many equations do you need" problem in which you needed to realize the F- would form HF as well. Again, the best excuse that this is a bad problem is that we don't consider the reformation of HCl and HBr just because they are strong acids. If we are going to do things complete correctly, we should include those as well even though their equilibrium constants are very large they are not in fact infinity. There is some validity to this arguement, but it assumes that a systematic approach is an "exact" approach. It also assumed that the question could not be solved with the ideas we taught in class. None the less, I'm dropping this problem.

Dropped Questions Exam 1 and Makeup

The following problems will be dropped.

The question looking at the change in Gibb's energy between graphite and diamond. Since the we have been treating solids and liquids as having activities equal to one, for this problem if the system is at equilibrium then K = 1 and standard Gibb's energy (along with the differenc in Gibb's Energy) will be equal to one.

The question looking at lattice energy. This was a topic from last semester, but I did not review it in our lectures.

The Le Chatlier's problem with multiple equilibra. This was a question of the type that we had not encountered as we did not discuss multiplle equilibria until further in acid/base equilibria.

On the Makeup exam.
For the vapor pressure calculation onf MgF2 we had not yet discussed solubility calcuations and the concept of saturated solutions.

The problem finding Kp for the acetylene reaction did not have a temperature given which was needed for the answer.

The problem with identifying stong acid, weak acid, stong base, salt. We had not discussed the fact the MgO is strong base.

How do I find my grade?

When I drop the problem on Quest, it will not give you credit for it. As such you will need to add the points back in. For example. If you have 200/270 = 74.1 your actual score is a 230/300 = 76.7. It is that easy. There are 300 points total. Everyone will add 30 to their raw score and divide by 300. For a quiz out of 7 questions. Add one and divide by 8.

What about Exam 2

I'm working on it. And yes I realize that there is one question we are going to drop for sure that has not been dropped.

Overall SCORING for the Course
Your overall score will be determined from 3 night exams, 6 in-class quizzes, plus a final exam. The percentages are the following:
3 Exams 540 Points
Best 4 of 6 Quiz 160 points
300 Points
TOTAL 1000 Points
Course grades will be based on total points:
A > 900
B > 800
C > 700
D > 600
F < 599
The class exams will be held in the evenings on the dates given from 7-9 PM. All exams will be in UTC 2.102A and UTC 2.112A
      Exam 1 Wed, 2/13
Exam 2 Wed, 3/26
Exam 3 Thur, 5/1
Final Wed, 5/7 2-5 PM

Final Exam places: TBA

Alternate Grading Schemes
If the traditional grading scheme is not for you, I will offer two alternatives

Option 1
A grading scheme based on the question, "if I ace the cumulative final can I get an A for the course?" In determining your course grade I will automatically determine whether your score on the final exam is higher than your cumulative average and if it is, I will substitute the exam score. If you score 90% or above on the final, you get an A for the course even if your cumulative course average is below 90%. If you score 80% or above on the final, you get a B for the course even if your cumulative course average is below 80%, etc. This is an excellent option for the student who bombs more than one test, or, believes that he or she has really started to learn the material over the course of the semester but has scores that make an A unattainable. To be eligible for this option, you have to participate in the course by taking at least two of the three exams and at least three of the six quizzes. So don't just wander into the final after a semester in Europe and expect this opportunity.

Option 2
So you ace the tests and quizzes and really wish you could be home a little earlier for the summer. Is it possible? Yes. Very simply, if you score 90% (630 out of 700 possible points) on the three exams and four of six quizzes, you will not have to take the final. Note: this only applies if you have an "A". You cannot simply opt to "take your C" and be done.

We will not have formal homework. Practice problems will be available on the webpage.

Quizzes emphasizing problem solving will be given six times during the semester. The quizzes will occur every two weeks during the last 20 minutes of class. Quizzes will consist of 8 questions worth five points each. The questions will be drawn from the same data bank as the exams and will give you a flavor for what the exams will look like. The quizzes will also offer you the opportunity to keep up with the material so you won't have to cram before exams or the cumulative final. Only your four best of six quizzes will count.

Quizzes (iClicker)
Quizzes will be given in class via the iClicker. You will be able to replace one of your in-class quiz scores with your iClicker grade. The iClicker grade will be based upon a available point total. Typically 100% is given if you have at least 80% of the total points Points available each day are base primarily on participation not correct answers.

Three examinations will be given during the semester on CH302 material. These will be given about once a month during the scheduled class time. Each examination will consist of 30 six-point multiple choice questions that will be machine graded. These exams will look remarkably like your quizzes and worksheets in content.

The three exams will be given in the evenings on the scheduled days in the rooms posted. You must go to the correct room. No exams scores will be dropped. Be sure and bring your calculator to the exam. I cannot provide calculators. You CANNOT use a PDA, or cell phone as your calculator (or any other gadget that is NOT a calculator). An alternate exam time will be available only if you have a University related conflict (lab class, etc...) The times of the exams were posted in the course schedule prior to registration.

Each student will receive a unique exam copy with a specific version number on it. There is a different exam version for every student in the class, no two students can have the same version numbers. It is therefore very important that you keep your copy of each of your exams. You need this copy in order for us to verify you as the owner of that copy and version number. We only do this verification when we have a case of two or more students with identical version numbers on their exams. Each student must verify their copy in order to receive a grade, otherwise their score will be changed to a zero for that exam AND they will be reported to the dean as suspect of cheating.

A Final exam cannot be made-up in any way. Show up at the right place and the right time or get a zero on the exam. The final exam WILL be comprehensive. This means that all the material covered during the course will be on the exam. The final exam will be counted as 30% of your overall grade. If you keep up with the material for the semester, the final will not be any more difficult than the three exams. It will be extremely difficult if you try to cram for it one day ahead. Keep up and make the grade. I will not allow you to take the final early either. The time for the final is published when the course schedule is made but it is subject to change.

Missed Quiz or Exam
You can make up a missed quiz or exam for one of the following reasons.

1. You are away from UT as part of a University-sponsored activity. For such instantces you will provide written docudmentation on UT Letterhead expalining the reason for your absence.

2. The exam is in conflict with a religious holiday. For this you will provide written notice of the conflict at least 14 days in advance.

3. You suffer chornic, documented illness that requires you to miss multiple quizzes and exam. In this case you should contact me as soon as you are able.

What if I miss one quiz or exam? Not to worry. It will be taken care of. You get to drop your lowest two quiz scores. If you miss an exam you final will be scaled to 180 points and substitute for your missed exam. This will be calculated for you. You don't need to do anything.