Stuff to ignore

Henry's Law will not be on the quiz.
Also the 4th T/F on last years quiz is not a good question.

Keys Posted

The homework page now has keys to hw3 as well as the quiz 3 from last summer.

Quiz 2 Results

Quiz 2 is graded. The median score was a 130 with standard deviation of around 30. I would estimate the same grade cutoffs as last time. A > 165, B > 140, C > 110

HW 3

Homework 3 is now posted.

Quiz 2

You can use both a new formula sheet as well as the sheet from quiz 1

HW 2 key

A couple of quick corrections to the HW2 key. On one problem the entropy change for a temperature change is simply Cpln(Tf/Ti). The key does odd things with the natural log. Also, on the sublimation problem, the key using the incorrect enthalpy by mistake. Finally, the temperature dependent heat capacaity should use both the intercept and the slope to find the temperature dependent Cp for the gas.

Office Hour Change

I have an emergency that has come up and I need to move my office hours until tomorrow. My apologies for the last minute change. I tomorrow's time doesn't work for you, please send me an email so we can try to arrange a time.


If you feel you missed out on points on Quiz1 (or any other quiz). Please write a clear explanation of why you think you had the correct answer and staple it to the front of the exam, and turn it in to me or Micah (the TA) before the next quiz. For quiz 1 you have until next Monday.

Quiz 1 Results

Quiz 1 is graded. The median score was a 135 with standard deviation of 50!. If class were to end today (it does not), if you had above a 165 you get an "A", the "B" cutoff would be about 140, and you'd need at least a 110 for a "C". These number may change slightly, and your average will always be improved by dropping you lowest score (and potentially counting the final twice).

HW1 soluitions are posted

On the Homework page the solutions to HW1 are posted. I'm not sure why they were scanned upsided down.

HW1 Correction

Don't do problem N2.5 We haven't talked about adiabatic processes (not to mention the problem states there is a constant volume heating that doubles the volume!

HW1 is posted

HW1 is posted on the HW page. You should start on this as soon as possible. A key will be posted next Wednesday.

Old Quizzes Posted

All the old quizzes are posted on the HW page


This course is challenging and moves quickly. Keep up or you will find yourself in trouble.