Overall SCORING for the Course
Your overall score will be determined from 3 night exams, 6 in-class quizzes, plus a final exam. The percentages are the following:
Best 4 Quizzes 800 Points
200 Points
TOTAL 1000 Points
Quiz Schedule
The class quizzes will be held in class the last day of each week starting week 2.
      Quiz 1 Fri, 6/13
Quiz 2 Fri, 6/20
Quiz 3 Fri, 6/27
Quiz 4 Thu, 7/3
Quiz 3 Thu, 7/10
Final TBA

Final Exam places: TBA


Homework will not count toward your grade.


There will be five one-hour quizzes and a final exam. The quizzes will be given during the normal class time. The quizzes will be on Fridays every week (except the first week we won’t have one. The last two will be on Thursdays. The dates are set. Plan accordingly. The quizzes will not be comprehensive in the sense that they will not ask question that only cover material from earlier parts of the course. They will however expect you to remember this material. Everything builds upon previous material.


The final will cover everything from the entire course. There will be questions that are representative of all the homework assignments and all the quizzes. In addition there will be problems that synthesize the concepts from the entire course.

Missed Quiz or Exam

You cannot make up a missed quiz. We will be dropping one. If you are sick for one and get a zero, that is the one you will drop.