51640 TTh 9:30-11 AM

Principles of Chemistry II
Dr. Vanden Bout
Spring 2011

Instructor: David A. Vanden Bout
Office: WEL 5.201
Office Hours:

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UT Zumdahl Cover

Textbook: Chemical Principles 6th Edition, Steven S. Zumdahl
Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning (2009), We are using the eBook version of this text. It is available at the UT Co-op. You WILL need the course code that is included with your package. ANY problems you might have in accessing the eBook please contact the Cengage Learning team at Hard copies of this book are available at various internet businesses like Amazon.

Chapters to be Covered can be found on the lectures page. Please also note that you are responsible for all the material and topics covered in Chapters 1-4 of this book plus all topics from CH301.


Calculator:  All students must have a SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR and no more than that for exams. If you don't already have one, I'd suggest getting a TI-30xa or something like it (very simple to use and cheap). I am no longer allowing ANY graphing calculators for our exams. You just need a simple scientific calculator. Also, know HOW to use your calculator.


iClicker:  All students must have an iClicker. Only an iClicker will work and no other types or brands! These are long, white, and skinny with only 6 buttons See picture to the left. The Co-op has these listed for $35.35 new. That is the ONLY cost. There is no registration fee. You can use ANY iClicker for this class. You will register the iClicker number via the web and then you are good to go.

TA Office Hours

See the Contacts page
Overall Scoring for the Course Grade Breaks
Your overall score will be determined from ALEKS, homework, iclicker, 4 evening exams, PLUS an optional FINAL EXAM. The percentages are the following:

method 1 method 2 method 3
Homework 5% 5% 5%
iClicker 5% 5% 5%
Exams 60% 40% 90%
Final 30% 50% 0%
Total       100%      100%      100%
Course grades will be determined according to the following scale or cut-offs:
B+ ≥ 83.0 C+ ≥ 73.0 D+ ≥ 63.0
A ≥ 90.00 B ≥ 80.00
C ≥ 70.00 D ≥ 60.00
A- ≥ 87.0 B- ≥ 77.0 C- ≥ 67.0 D- ≥ 57.0
F< 57.0

If theses breaks ever change, there will be an announcement in class and the results WILL be updated here.

You are expected to work the homework problems and complete the assigned readings throughout the semester. Homework is administered via the web and will count as 5% of your overall grade. Two of your lowest homework scores will be dropped from your average. All course homework and assignments will be administered through Quest which can be found at the web address Your performance on the exams will depend heavily on how well you understand and can fully work the homework problems. To help in this regard we will also have weekly worksheets. These will be work on your own and will not count for a grade.

iClicker Quizzes
Quizzes will be given in class via the iClicker. Quizzes will count 5% of your overall grade in the class. You MUST bring your clicker to class everyday. If you don't have a clicker you will not get credit. You should also watch your battery level on the clicker. Running out of power is no excuse. You can only have ONE clicker in class. Students that are operating TWO clickers during class will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students and be recommended to receive an F for the semester(see Cheating below). You MUST also register your iclicker at the iclicker web site ( You might have to register the number in other places to for your other courses. Make sure you register at the above web address for this course.

The four exams will be given in the evenings from 7-9 PM on the scheduled days. The class may be split between two rooms. You must go to the correct room. Your exam average will be equal to the average of your 3 highest exams (dropping your lowest exam score). Your exam average will count either 60% or 40% of your grade (40% if your Final exam score is higher than your exam average). I will calculate your overall grade in a way that maximizes your overall score, you do not have to tell me how to do this.

Be sure and bring your (non-graphing) calculator to the exam. We do NOT provide calculators. You CANNOT use your cell phone as your calculator (or any other gadget that is NOT a calculator - especially not iPhones or iPod Touches). You CANNOT make-up a missed exam for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If you have a University approved conflict that requires rescheduling an exam, you must notify the instructor within the first 2 weeks of the course. You get to drop one exam score from your average, so for whatever reason you miss, that particular exam score (a zero) will be your dropped exam.

Each student will receive a unique exam copy with a specific version number on it. There is a different exam version for every student in the class, no two students can have the same version numbers. It is therefore very important that you keep your copy of each of your exams. You need this copy in order for us to verify you as the owner of that copy and version number. We only do this verification when we have a case of two or more students with identical version numbers on their exams. Each student must verify their copy in order to receive a grade, otherwise their score will be changed to a zero for that exam AND they will be reported to the dean as suspect of cheating.

Makeup Exams
You can make up a missed quiz or exam for one of the following reasons.

1. You are away from UT as part of a University-sponsored activity. For such instantces you will provide written docudmentation on UT Letterhead expalining the reason for your absence.

2. The exam is in conflict with a religious holiday. For this you will provide written notice of the conflict at least 14 days in advance.

3. You have a UT Class during the exam time.

For all these cases we will work to schedule a different exam at an earlier time that day.

What if I have the flu and miss an exam? Not to worry. It will be taken care of. If you miss an exam it will be the one exam score you drop. What if I'm sick and miss two exams. You should seek medical help as you have managed to be so ill as to miss half of the assessments in this course.

The final exam WILL be comprehensive. This means that all the material covered during the course will be on the exam. The final exam will be counted as 30% of your overall grade. If you keep up with the material for the semester, the final will not be any more difficult than the four exams. It will be extremely difficult if you try to cram for it one day ahead. Keep up and make the grade. You cannot reschedule or drop the final exam grade (except as noted below). The time for the final is published when the course schedule is made and you certainly could have chosen NOT to take the course. Since you did decide to TAKE the course, you will TAKE the final at the designated time. It is an optional exam - continue reading...

Alternate Grading Schemes
If the traditional grading scheme is not for you, I will offer two alternatives

Option 1
A grading scheme for those who improve throughout the semester. In determining your course grade I will automatically determine whether counting your final exam score as a higher percentage will help your grade. As such, if you do well on the final, it will count 50% towards your final score rather than 30%. You homework and iClicker score will stay the same.

Option 2
So you ace all of the tests and really wish you could be home a little earlier for the summer. Is it possible? Yes. Very simply, you don't have to take the final exam. However, with this option, you cannot drop any exams. I will calculate your score using all four of your exams as 90% of your grade. Homework will be 5% and the iClicker 5%.

You need not choose how your score will be calculated. I will calculate all three methods and you will end up with the best one.

If you get caught cheating in any way whatsoever you will have to discuss the situation with me. I will arive at a pentaly and deem if the problem warrants a formal report. If you deny the allegation, I will proceed by filing a formal report to the Judicial Services in the Dean of Students Office as is policy. The final penalty would be decided by Judicial Services after a hearing on the matter. For more information read the General Information Catalog about scholastic dishonesty (i.e. cheating). If found "guilty" the University can go so far as to bar you from enrollment for life. Take home lesson, don't cheat.

Students with Disabilities
Please notify me of any modification/adaptation you may require to accommodate a disability-related need. You will be requested to provide documentation to the Dean of Students' Office, in order that the most appropriate accommodations can be determined. Specialized services are available on campus through Services for Students with Disabilities. The official wording is this: The University of Austin provides upon request appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259, 471-6441 TTY.

Drop Dates
The last date to drop the course without approval from the Dean: Monday, Feb 2, 2011. The last day to drop the course with approval from the Dean: Monday, Mar 28, 2010. After this, students may go to the Dean's office, WCH 2.112, to appeal for non-academic reasons.

Observance of Religious Holidays
Religious holy days sometimes conflict with class and examination schedules. It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin that the student must notify each instructor at least fourteen days prior to the classes scheduled on dates he or she will be absent to observe a religious holy day. For religious holidays that fall within the first two weeks of the semester, the notice should be given on the first day of the semester. The student may not be penalized for these excused absences but the instructor may appropriately respond if the student fails to complete satisfactorily the missed assignment or examination within a reasonable time after the excused absence.