Vanden Bout

See front page for times
His office is WEL 5.201

He will also schedule a regular room to move to in case of larger numbers.

The best way to contact Dr. Vanden Bout is by email My office hours are essentially a time for answering student questions

TA contact

If you have a problem with a quiz or exam grade (like you got a zero because you bubbled in your name wrong) contact Katie Clark

To contact our teaching assistant Matt Wallack email him at Matt Wallck

TA Office Hours

See front page for times

Academic Communities

You should definitely take advantage of the Academic Communities. They meet in either Kinsolving or Jester Sunday through Wed nights. So there is somewhere there essentially every night you might be studying.
Each Night 6-6:30 is chance for peer to peer dinner with the TA
6:30-7:30 is a discussion section
7:30-9:30 is academci community in the Dining Hall

The schedule is on the academic communties webpage.