Quiz 2

This quiz will cover Enthalpy of reactions. Practice problems can be found on old quiz 1 from previous summers

End of Chapter 20

Don't worry about sections 7 and 8

HW 2 key is posted

The Quiz 1 key is posted

Week 2

This week we will finish the last of chapter 19 (sections 9-12) and all of chapter 20. We will try to cover the first 5 sections of chapter 21.

Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be graded on Monday 7/19 and a key posted

HW 2 is posted

HW 1 Key is posted

The key for HW1 is on the HW page

TA office hours

Dr. Rowland's office hours have been updated


There will be straight A, B, C grades. No +/-.

Chapter 16 coverage

We will only cover sections 1-3 in this chapter

Old Quizzes Posted

All the old quizzes are posted on the HW page


This course is challenging and moves quickly. Keep up or you will find yourself in trouble.